We provide "WOW" experience to all customers

Access to destinations,
and your SUCCESS

Not only transfer, we can help with making an appointment, scheduling management. Business, VIPs, Sightseeing & ERFS Package.

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We provide a "WOW!" experience to all of our valued customers

Access to destinations,
and your SUCCESS

Not only limited to transportation, we can help with making appointments and
scheduling management. We offer business, VIPs, sightseeing & ERFS Package.

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There are various reasons to choose Hire Taxi Japan over our competitors.
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English Speaking Drivers


Easy Booking


No Hidden Costs


Licensed Service


Competitive Rates


Over 2500 Bookings

Hire Taxi Japan provides a "WOW!" experience to all of our valued customers.

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Hire Taxi Japan is one of the best options to travel in and around Tokyo.
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See What International Tourists say about Hire Taxi Japan

nidhin james
nidhin james
Nice spacious cab, fast rides, good wifi, English speaking drivers. Great choice for corporate travel in Tokyo.
Michael Alston
Michael Alston
Great service and reliable. My flight arrived 2 hours late. I was worried that the driver had left for another customer. To my amazement, the driver was waiting for me and my ageing mom. Taking other transportation with my mom was not an option. So, thank you for allowing me not to make the wrong transportation decision. If you are looking for dependable and reliable transportation, make this is your go-to company.
Siva Murugan
Siva Murugan
Taxi service is very good With affordable price Good English speaking skills Wi-Fi connectivity inside car Recommend to use when you travel to japan
Miss Evergreen
Miss Evergreen
Absolutely great service! Very kind and friendly.
Humans of Japan
Humans of Japan
One of the best taxi services in Tokyo
Ashwin Shende
Ashwin Shende
Very convenient way of travelling
Anastasia Karlova
Anastasia Karlova
Very nice service, polite people and comfortable cars. My ride from Narita airport to Setagaya-ku in Tokyo took 50 minutes which is an amazingly fast ride and i was so glad that used this company for my transportation! Thank you so much for making it so easy to get home!