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Narita Airport Taxi Service (NRT)

(19 customer reviews)

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The Most Reliable Private Pickup Service from Narita Airport with an English Speaking Driver

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With Hire Taxi Japan, you will have an enjoyable and relaxing transfer to your destination with our Airport Taxi Service. Hire Taxi Japan provides private taxi services in and around Tokyo.

Many of our customers use our taxi service to/from airports such as Narita and Haneda, but there are also many people who use our service to travel long distance, for example, central Tokyo to Mt. Fuji, and even Tokyo to Kyoto, and so on!

Our Haneda Airport Taxi Service, Narita airport Taxi Service, and Kansai Airport Taxi Service have a whole host of vehicles from Toyota Alphard (perfect for up to 4 passengers) to practical and more spacious vehicles, Toyota Hiace (big enough for up to 9 passengers) respectively.

We also provide sightseeing tours with English-speaking drivers to various famous tourist locations in Japan.

**If you can’t find your destination with the booking form, please contact us.

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Any Vehicle (This option is for 1-4 passengers only, vehicle will be either Alphard or Hiace), Toyota Alphard (up to 4 Passengers, 6 suitcases), Toyota Hiace 10s (upto 9 Passenger ,18 Suitcases), Tesla (up to 2 Passengers, 4 Suitcases)


Haneda Airport, Tokyo 23 wards – A: Arakawa, Koto, Edogawa, Katsushika, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Sumida, Taito, Chiyoda, Chuo, Toshima, Nakano, Bunkyo, Minato, Meguro, Tokyo 23 wards – B : Adachi, Itabashi, Setagaya, Ota, Kita, Suginami, Tokyo Other Cities – C : Mitaka, Chofu , Musashino, Koganei, Nerima, Tokyo Other Cities – D : Inagi, Kiyose ,Kunitachi ,Kokubunnji, Kodaira, Komae, Tachikawa , Tama, Fuchu, Machida, Tokyo Other Cities – E : Akiruno, Oume, Musashimurayama, Nishitokyo, Hamura, Higashikurume, Higashimurayama, Higashiyamato, Hino, Hachiooji, Hinode, Fussa, Mizuho, Tokyo Other Cities – F : Okutama ,Hinohara, Kanagawa A: Kawasaki, Kanagawa B: Ayase , Ebina ,Kamakura,Sabukawa, Zama, Zusi , Chigasaki, Hayama, Fujisawa, Yamato, Kanagawa C: Aikawa, Atsugi, Isehara, Kiyokawa, Hatano, Hiratsuka, Yokosuka, Sagamihara, Kanagawa D: Odawara, Oi, Oiso, Kaisei, Ninomiya , Nakai , Hakone , Matsuda, Manaduru, Miura, Minamiashigara , Yamakita, Yugawara, Yokohama B: Kohoku, Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Nishi, Naka, Minami, Yokohama A: Aoba, Midori, Tsuzuki, Yokohama C: Hodogaya, Asahi, Seya, Izumi, Totsuka, Kounan, Isogo, Sakae, Kanazawa, Chiba – Urayasu/Maihama/Disney Resort, Chiba A: Makuhari, Chiba B – Chiba, Funabashi, Matsudo, Chiba Other Cities, Saitama Kawaguchi City, Saitama Other Cities, Ibaraki, Mt. Fuji area – Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Yamanaka, Tochigi /Yamanashi, Gunma, Kansai Area -Osaka/Hyoga/Kyoto, Sendai, Nagano

19 reviews for Narita Airport Taxi Service (NRT)

  1. Moataz Adel Ahmed

    Excellent service…and meets our schedules perfectly

  2. Alaa Eldin Ahmed

    Is very good drivers with Reasonable prices

  3. Joseph Hill

    Easy communication, prompt service and totally professional. Highly recommend Hire Taxi Japan!

  4. Isabelle Claus TeixeiraIr Ish

    The service was excellent. I travelled alone with 30kg of baggage and my big cat on his big carrier (17kg altogether). Was really dreading the arrival.
    I was a bit doubtful at first as there seems to only use FaceBook and do not have a lot of other presence. My friends in Japan in the guesthouse business had never heard of them. However Jumpei responded to my request swiftly, connected with me on WhatsApp and then created a group together with the driver and provided me the photo of the car. Still all could have been a scam.
    But it turned out that it was PERFECT. The driver, Kawabata-san, was at the airport before I la des, waited for me while going through the hardship of arriving in COVID times, was helpful, helped me carry my luggage and my cat ! Excellent driving all the way to Kyoto.and found the place with no problem. All this at 1AM-2AM in the morning.
    And the best part is that amazingly I only paid for everything 2 days later. Amazing trust on their part! It was really worth the 40,000 yen.
    I really recommend their services and I will use them again !

  5. Ir Ish

    All staff are very accommodating and friendly ( owner and driver ). Will contact this car rental again

  6. Kandace Rosene

    Great communication and transportation service!

  7. Bukky Adejobi

    English speaker, responsive, friendly and punctual.

  8. Emma Harding

    Awesome service! I booked kind of last minute (on the same day) because we weren’t sure when we’d get out of the 3-day quarantine for UK travellers, but Hire Taxi Japan were super understanding and accommodating. They’re one of the cheapest private transport services in Tokyo and our driver was great (spoke perfect English too). I have no hesitation recommending Hire Taxi Japan!

  9. Axel Algoet

    Great service , helped me out even though I booked only a few hours before landing in Japan (6hours to be exact). Also way cheaper then most services I got offered. Definitely recommended! Thanks again!

  10. Moet Seckler

    My driver, Jumpei, was extremely patient, friendly, and professional. I absolutely recommend this service because he got me to my apartment so quickly and safely!! Thank y’all so much.

  11. 山本 祐輔

    Great service!

  12. Livia Santana

    I booked Hire Taxi Japan at the very last minute yet they provided me with great and efficient service. I recommend them.

  13. Chagaan Baatar

    This is a great option for people seeking English-speaking transportation service from airports in Tokyo. I booked a ride from Narita to Shibuya, and it was a pleasant experience. My driver Komei Hayashi san speaks excellent English and we communicated very effectively and efficiently too minimize waiting time at the airport. I highly recommend HireTaxi to anyone, particularly non-Japanese speaker, seeking a ride service from the airport.

  14. Avinaya Bam

    Enjoyed the ride and team is puncutal

  15. Jason

    They were flexible with my schedule and my driver was very professional.

  16. David L. Brooks

    I highly recommend the Hire Taxi Japan company for three reasons: high level of customer service, interesting conversation during the nearly 2-hour trip home, and excellent value for the money (it’s one of the cheapest hire taxi available in the whole Tokyo area, as much as 40% less than other companies I have used).

    I had the pleasure of having Mr. Komei Hayashi, the owner and CEO of Hire Taxi Japan, as my driver on February 23, 2022 when I was released from three days of COVID prevention quarantine after having arrived back in Japan on Feb. 20, 2022. I had found the Hire Taxi Japan website through a rather frantic web search on Google after my previous hire taxi service cancelled my reservation (without charging me) when they discovered that the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare was requiring a 3-day mandatory quarantine for all returnees to Japan, whether citizen or permanent resident (as I am). Mr. Komei Hayashi accommodated me graciously on two counts: 1) Although he was not able to arrive earlier than we had pre-arranged since I arrived earlier at the airport than expected, he did arrive within 15 minutes of our appointment time and was able to change the location to Terminal 2 (instead of Terminal 1 where I had originally landed). and 2) Mr. Hayashi made an outstanding effort to make sure that I was kept informed of his whereabouts on the day of my arrival at Narita, and further provide many useful email messages leading up to his ultimate arrival. What made the hire taxi experience with Mr. Hayashi of Hire Taxi Japan was the thoughtful, intelligent manner that he has in engaging the customer in conversation, as I was eager to talk after having me kept in three days of virtually total isolation immediately prior to being picked up by him.
    All in all, I would rate Mr. Hayashi’s Hire Taxi Japan, hire taxi service from Narita and his customer relations manner and comportment to be extremely excellent. Thanks for a great journey back home.

  17. Seth

    Was super good! On time and communicating with me was very helpful.

  18. Bryan

    Everything was perfect! Received a prompt response to confirm my booking and they followed up with additional details prior to my arrival. They were flexible with scheduling around the arrival quarantine procedures and our driver was on time and waiting upon exiting immigration. It was a safe and comfortable ride to our destination. Highly recommend and will certainly book with Hire Taxi Japan again next time! Thank you!

  19. Sivamurugan

    Long and safe driving tq.

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