For people trying to enter Japan (finally) as tourists, “Hire Taxi Japan” (HTJ) has a new package that will allow you entry!

The bonus is that you no longer have to be in a group tour or led around by a local guide/babysitter anymore. You can go around on your own and HTJ will be your in-Japan contact if you have any problems or extra needs during your vacation.

Packages include round trip airport transfers (one-way only for people on working holidays) direct to your accommodation which is always great after a long international flight so you need not jump into the chaos of figuring out train tickets, departure platforms in busy train stations and then changing to different train or subway lines once you’re in central Tokyo with suitcases and battling a bit of jet lag. HTJ will get you to your final destination without any hassle.

ERFS certification and entrance visa support is also part of the HTJ package so you won’t be bothered too much by the current steps to enter Japan.

HTJ also has all-day tour options you can add to your package if you are interested in them providing you with more hands-on attention for a more relaxing vacation in Japan. It’s all up to you!

Check out the “sample itinerary for 6 days” in the link below to see a great example of a Tokyo based vacation that includes tons of free time to yourselves as well as optional tours in between!

HTJ is looking forward to helping you with your Japan vacation!

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