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Mt. Fuji in Winter(6 hours/ Sample Itinerary)

Below is a sample itinerary of our One-Day Mt. Fuji Tour in winter season (6h). We organize each tour based on our customer’s interests and preferences, as well as the weather and the season. Please feel free to let us know what you like and we will customize tour plan just for you!

●8:00 Leaving the hotel: Your driver will come to your hotel to pick you up.

●9:30 Fujiten Snow Resort

Located at the bottom of Mt. Fuji and near Lake Kawaguchiko, Fujiten Snow Resort is a place to enjoy skiing, snowboarding or just play with snow. 

There’s basically no entrance fee, so you can visit this place to just take some pictures, play with snow a little and feel the coldness of snow. 

DSC 5326

●10:30 Lake Cruise at Lake Kawaguchiko

Lake Kawaguchiko is one of the most popular tourist spots around Mt. Fuji. The beautiful lake is surrounded with many shops, museums, parks, restaurants and other sightseeing points, as well as attractions.

Usually you don’ have chance to enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji from a ship…but here at Lake Kawaguchiko, you can take a lake cruise close to the montain!

●11:00 Lunch at Local Food Restaurant

One of the traditional local food is “Houtou”, which is Udon like thick noodle cooked in miso-based vegetable soup. The soup is slightly sweet as they typically use pumpkin, but it matches well with the miso taste. This healthy dish will warm you up after walking in the cold air of winter.

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DSC 4763

●12:00 Arakura Fuji Sengen Shrine/ Chureito Pagoda

Founded in 705, the shrine enshrines the goddess of Mt. Fuji, Konohanasakuya. Today the shrine is known as one of the most scenic place around Mt. Fuji…but be prepared! You’ll need to go up the steep steps to reach the Five-storied Pagoda!

●12:30 Departure back to Tokyo: Time to say goodbye to Mt. Fuji and start heading back to Tokyo.

●15:00 Arriving at your hotel: Your driver will safely take you back to your accommodation.


*If you want to see more places in the area, it’s recommended to book “10h One-Day Tour” to visit Mt. Fuji area. 



Q. When does the tour start and end?
– A. The tours start and end when the driver picks you up from your accommodation in Tokyo and drops you off at the end of the day. In the case of your accommodation being outside of Tokyo 23 Wards, your tour will start and end when the driver departs and arrives in Tokyo at the end of the day.
Q. What if there are several pickup/drop-off points?
 – A. That’s no problem as long as the tour finishes in time.  
Q. Can we cancel the tour when it rains for free?
  – A. You can cancel the tour without cancellation fee by the day before. We also check the weather forecast everyday and may suggest rescheduling the tour if the forecast isn’t good enough.
Q. Are there any extra fees if the pickup/finish time is  late at night/ early morning?
  – A. There will be no extra fee depending on the pickup/finishing time of the tour.
Q. Can our pets also join the tour?
 – A. Sure, but please keep them in carrier bags/ travel crates.  
Q. What does the price include?
 – A. The price include toll fees, gas, parking lot fee, tax, etc. It doesn’t include fees for such as: lunch/food/beverage, entrance fee of tourist spots, fee of boats/cable cars, etc.
Q. What would the price be if we want to extend the tour?
 – A. The extension fee is 5,000yen/30 minutes.
Q. Will there be a refund if we finish the tour earlier than booked? 
 – A. There will be no refunds in case the tour finishes early. If the tour will finish earlier due to accidents, natural disaster, sudden sickness, etc., please contact us and we can discuss about it.

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