Mt. Fuji 10 hours tour itinerary of Spring season

Tokyo Spring tour (10 hours/ Sample Itinerary)

Below is a sample itinerary of our One-Day Tokyo City Tour in spring season (10h). We organize each tour based on our customer’s interests and preferences, as well as the weather and the season. Please feel free to let us know what you like and we will customize tour plan just for you!

●8:00 Leaving the hotel:

Your driver will come to your hotel to pick you up. Also your driver will attempt to establish a direct line of communication with you via WhatsApp the night before the tour. So if you do not already use WhatsApp please download the free app in preparation for the tour.

●8:30 Meiji Shrine

The allure of visiting Meiji Shrine in spring is truly captivating. As the cherry blossoms (sakura) burst into bloom, the shrine’s already serene atmosphere becomes even more enchanting. Walking beneath the delicate pink canopy of cherry blossoms in the shrine’s expansive grounds is a serene and soul-soothing experience. Visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of nature while exploring the tranquil forest paths that lead to the shrine’s main buildings. Additionally, springtime often brings traditional ceremonies and cultural events to Meiji Shrine, providing visitors with opportunities to witness and participate in Japan’s rich spiritual heritage. Whether seeking a moment of quiet reflection or a deeper connection to Japanese culture, Meiji Shrine in spring offers a truly magical experience.

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●10:00 Tsukiji Fish Market

The appeal of visiting Tsukiji Market lies in its vibrant atmosphere and rich cultural experience. As one of the world’s largest seafood markets, Tsukiji offers a fascinating glimpse into Japan’s culinary heritage and seafood industry. Visitors can explore bustling market stalls brimming with fresh seafood, including a dazzling array of fish, shellfish, and exotic delicacies. Witness the excitement of early morning tuna auctions, where massive tuna fish are sold to the highest bidders. Afterward, indulge in delectable sushi and sashimi at one of the market’s many renowned restaurants. Beyond seafood, Tsukiji Market also boasts a variety of vendors selling fruits, vegetables, and other local products. Whether you’re a food enthusiast, a cultural explorer, or simply curious about Japanese cuisine, Tsukiji Market promises an unforgettable sensory experience that embodies the essence of Tokyo’s culinary scene.

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●12:00 Sensoji Temple

Springtime in Asakusa offers a vibrant and enchanting experience at Senso-ji Temple. Adorned with colorful paper lanterns and blooming cherry blossoms, the temple grounds come alive with a festive atmosphere. Visitors can stroll along Nakamise-dori, a bustling shopping street lined with traditional shops and street food stalls, offering a taste of Japanese culture and cuisine. Inside the temple complex, immerse yourself in the rich history and spiritual ambiance of Senso-ji, one of Tokyo’s oldest and most revered temples. Take part in traditional rituals, such as fortune-telling and incense offerings, and admire the beauty of the iconic Kaminarimon Gate and Five-story Pagoda. Springtime in Asakusa is a celebration of culture, tradition, and natural beauty that leaves a lasting impression on all who visit.

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●13:00 Lunch at a Local Restaurant

Masaru, a tempura rice bowl (tendon) restaurant in Asakusa, Tokyo, is renowned for its exquisite culinary offerings and authentic Japanese dining experience. The restaurant’s charm lies in its commitment to using fresh, high-quality ingredients to create perfectly crisp and flavorful tempura, served atop a bed of fluffy rice. Each bite is a delightful symphony of textures and flavors, showcasing the skill and craftsmanship of the chefs. Beyond the culinary delights, Masaru’s welcoming atmosphere and attentive service make it a beloved destination for locals and tourists alike seeking a memorable dining experience in the heart of Asakusa.

@Masaru – Tempura bowl 

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●14:00 Sumida River Side (SkyTree : Optional)

During the spring season, strolling along the Sumida River and visiting the Tokyo Skytree offers a mesmerizing experience. As you walk along the riverbank, you’ll be enchanted by the blooming cherry blossoms, creating a picturesque backdrop against the tranquil waters. The Tokyo Skytree, standing tall as the world’s tallest tower, beckons with its modern architecture and panoramic observation decks. From the top, you can admire sweeping views of Tokyo’s skyline and the vibrant city below. Together, these attractions provide a perfect blend of natural beauty and urban marvels, making it a must-see destination for springtime visitors.

Fee : 3,100yen (Weekday), 3,400yen (Sat, Sun and Public Holiday) 

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●15:00 Ueno Park


During springtime, Ueno Park in Tokyo boasts an irresistible charm. The park transforms into a kaleidoscope of colors as cherry blossoms bloom, creating a stunning canopy of pink flowers that line the pathways and adorn the park’s expansive lawns. Visitors can enjoy leisurely strolls beneath the cherry blossom trees, partake in traditional hanami picnics with family and friends, and marvel at the beauty of nature. Additionally, Ueno Park is home to numerous cultural institutions, including museums, temples, and the Ueno Zoo, providing opportunities for both relaxation and exploration amidst Tokyo’s bustling urban landscape.

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●16:30 Ameyoko (Ueno)


Ameyoko, located in Ueno, Tokyo, is a bustling shopping street renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse array of goods. Here, you’ll find everything from fresh seafood and exotic spices to trendy fashion items and electronics, making it a paradise for shoppers and food enthusiasts alike. One of the unique charms of Ameyoko is its “tachinomi” culture, where you can enjoy standing and drinking at various izakayas and bars scattered throughout the area. This casual and lively atmosphere allows visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture while indulging in delicious street food and refreshing drinks. Whether you’re hunting for bargains, sampling local delicacies, or simply soaking in the energetic ambiance, Ameyoko offers an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of Tokyo’s dynamic street life.

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●18:00 Arriving at your hotel:

Your driver will safely take you back to your accommodation.


It is highly recommended to book “10h or 12h One-Day Tour”.




Q. When does the tour start and end?
– A. The tours start and end when the driver picks you up from your accommodation in Tokyo and drops you off at the end of the day. In the case of your accommodation being outside of Tokyo 23 Wards, your tour will start and end when the driver departs and arrives in Tokyo at the end of the day.
Q. What if there are several pickup/drop-off points?
 – A. That’s no problem as long as the tour finishes on time.  
Q. Can we cancel the tour when it rains for free?
  – A. You can cancel the tour without a cancellation fee by the day before. We also check the weather forecast everyday and may suggest rescheduling the tour if the forecast isn’t good enough.
Q. Are there any extra fees if the pickup/finish time is  late at night/ early morning?
  – A. There will be no extra fee depending on the pickup/finishing time of the tour.
Q. Can our pets also join the tour?
 – A. Sure, but please keep them in carrier bags/ travel crates.  
Q. What does the price include?
 – A. The price include toll fees, gas, parking lot fee, tax, etc. It doesn’t include fees for such as: lunch/food/beverage, entrance fee of tourist spots, fee of boats/cable cars, etc.
Q. What would the price be if we want to extend the tour?
 – A. The extension fee is 5,000 yen/30 minutes.
Q. Will there be a refund if we finish the tour earlier than booked? 
 – A. There will be no refunds in case the tour finishes early. If the tour will finish earlier due to accidents, natural disasters, sudden sickness, etc., please contact us and we can discuss about it.


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